Access VBA - Strings: Capitalize first character of every word automatically

Strings: Capitalize first character of every word automatically

Dev Ashish

(Q) How can I capitalize the first character of each word in a field/string?

(A) Under Access 97, you can use the StrConv function.  For example,

    StrConv("dev ashish", vbProperCase)

For Access 2.0, use the Proper function provided by Microsoft.

'******************* Code Begin ****************
Function Proper(X)
' Capitalize first letter of every word in a field.
' Use in an event procedure in AfterUpdate of control;
' for example, [Last Name] = Proper([Last Name]).
' Names such as O'Brien and Wilson-Smythe are properly capitalized,
' but MacDonald is changed to Macdonald, and van Buren to Van Buren.
' Note: For this function to work correctly, you must specify
' Option Compare Database in the Declarations section of this module.

Dim Temp$, C$, OldC$, i As Integer
If IsNull(X) Then
Exit Function
Temp$ = CStr(LCase(X))
' Initialize OldC$ to a single space because first
' letter needs to be capitalized but has no preceding letter.

OldC$ = " "
For i = 1 To Len(Temp$)
C$ = Mid$(Temp$, i, 1)
If C$ >= "a" And C$ <= "z" And _
(OldC$ < "a" Or OldC$ > "z") Then
Mid$(Temp$, i, 1) = UCase$(C$)
End If
OldC$ = C$
Next i
Proper = Temp$
End If
End Function
'******************* Code End ****************

André Luiz Bernardes

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