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Como não é raro utilizarmos diversos acrônimos no nosso dia-a-dia, segue lista que acredito seja útil utilizarmos eventualmente.

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3D - Three-dimensional
AC - Alternating Current
ADT - Abstract Data Type
AI - Artificial Intelligence
AM - Amplitude Modulation
API - Application Programming Interface
ASP - Active Server Page (web scripting language)
BIOS - Basic Input Output System
CB - Citizens' Band Amateur Radio
CD - Compact Disc
CE - Conformitée Européenne (Translated literally, it means European Conformity. "The CE Marking indicates that the product complies with all European requirements and conformity assessment procedures that apply to it." Source:
CG - Computer Graphics
CGI - Common Gateway Interface (web scripting facility)
CIA - Computer Industry Almanac
CPU - Central Processing Unit
CRT - Cathode Ray Tube (type of TV)
DC - Direct Current
DOS - Disk Operating System
DPI - Dots per Inch
DSL - Digital Subscriber Line
DSS - Digital Spread Spectrum
DTS - Digital Theater Sound
DVD - Digital Video
DVR - Digital Video Recorder
ECM - Electronic Countermeasure
EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
EIA - Electronic Industries Alliance
EMP - Electro Magnetic Pulse
EULA - End User License Agreement (usually in reference to software)
FM - Frequency Modulation
GIF - Graphic Interchange Format
GUI - Graphic User Interface
HDTV - High Definition Television
HEPA - High-Efficiency Particulate Air (filter)
Hi-Fi - High Fidelity
HID - High Intensity Discharge
HUP - Home Use Program (Microsoft)
IT - Information Technology
JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group (24-bit image storage format)
LAN - Local Area Network
LASER - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
LED - Light Emitting Diode
MDK - Multimedia Developers Kit
MOM - Message Oriented Middleware
MP3 - Moving Picture Experts Group Layer-3 Audio
MRAM - Magnetic Random Access Memory
NA - Numeric Aperature
NIH - Not Invented Here
OLED - Organic Light Emitting Diode
OS - Operating System
PA - Public Address (System)
PC - Personal Computer
PDA - Personal Digital Assistant (like a Palm® Pilot)
PDF - Portable Document Format (created by Adobe Acrobat)
PHP - Personal Home Page (original name for PHP scripting language)
PLR - Personal Life Recorder (a recording device that relies on MRAM for its viability)
POP3 - Post Office Protocol, Version 3
POTS - Plain Old Telephone Service
PS2 - Play Station 2
PS3 - Play Station 3
PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
CSQA - Certified Software Quality Analyst
CSTE - Certified Software Test Engineer
RADAR - Radio Detecting and Ranging
RAM - Random Access Memory
RC - Remote Control
RDF - Rich Data Format
RFID - Radio Frequency Identification Device
ROM - Read Only Memory
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SONAR - Sound Navigation & Ranging
SSL - Secure Sockets Layer
SUMMA - System for Universal Multi Media Access
SUMS - System for Universal Media Searching
TDD - Telecommunication Device for the Deaf
TTY - Teletypewriter, also referred to as a Text Telephone (how the hearing impaired use telephones)
TV - Television
UI - User Interface
UL - Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated
UPS - Uninterrupted Power Source
USB - Universal Serial Bus
VCR - Videocassette Recorder
VOD - Video On Demand
VoIP - Voice-over Internet Protocol
VHS - Video Home System
3M - Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing
3PL - Third Party Logistics
A&W - Allen & Wright (Roy Allen and Frank Wright combined their initials to name A&W Root Beer in 1922)
AA - Author Alteration (a publishing term)
AAA - American Automobile Association
ADP - Automatic Data Processing
AIG - American International Group
AMD - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (producer of computer chips)
AMF - American Machine & Foundry (bowling lane operators and former owners of Harley Davidson motorcycles)
AOL - America Online
AT&T - American Telephone and Telegraph
AX - Armani Exchange
B&N - Barnes & Noble
B2B - Business to Business
B2C - Business to Consumer
BBB - Better Business Bureau
BHAG - Big, Hairy Audacious Goal
BOI - Business Object Interface
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
CFO - Chief Financial Officer
CK - Calvin Klein
COB - Close Of Business
COGS - Cost of Goods Sold
COLA - Cost of Living Adjustment
COO - Chief Operating Officer
CPK - California Pizza Kitchen
CRM - Client Relationship Management
CSP - Certified Speaking Professional
CTO - Chief Technology Officer
DBA - Doing Business As
DHL - Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn (founders of DHL Worldwide Express)
DK - Dorling Kindersley
DKNY - Donna Karan New York
DSO - Days Sales Outstanding
DSW - Discount Shoe Warehouse
EA - Electronic Arts
EBX - Electronics Boutique X
EMS - Eastern Mountain Sports
FANNIE MAE - Federal National Mortgage Association (a privately owned corporation)
FLP - Family Limited Partnership
FSB - Fortune Small Business
FT - Full Time
FTE - Full Time Equivalent
FUBU - For Us, By Us
GE - General Electric
GEICO - Government Employees Insurance Company
GM - General Motors or General Mills
GNC - General Nutrition Centers
HP - Hewlett Packard
IBC - Independent Breweries Company (original manufacturer of IBC Root Beer)
IBD - Investors Business Daily
IBM - International Business Machines Corporation
ILM - Industrial Light and Magic
IMR - Information Management Research
ING - Internationale Nederlanden Group (a financial company)
IREA - Intermountain Rural Electric Association
JC Penney's - James Cash Penney
JOA - Joint Operating Agreement (example: the relationship between The Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News)
JVC - Japan's Victor Company
KB - Kaybee Toys OR Kaufmann Broad (home builder)
KFC - Kentucy Fried Chicken
KPI - Key Performance Indicator
KPMG - Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (accounting firm)
LLC - Limited Liability Company
LLP - Limited Liability Partnership
MCI - Microwave Communications Incorporated
MOH - Message/Music On Hold
MSI - Multiple Streams of Income
MSN - Microsoft Network
MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
MVI - Mini Vacations Incorporated
NBB - New Belgium Brewery
NCOA - National Change of Address (List)
NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement
NIB - New In the Box
NSA - National Safety Associates
OPM - Other People's Money
OPR - Other People's Resources
OPT - Other People's Time
P&G - Proctor and Gamble
PBGC - The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
PE - Printer Error (a publishing term)
PL - Profit and Loss
PO - Purchase Order
POP - Point of Purchase
PT - Part Time
QA - Quality Assurance
QAI - Quality Assurance International
QC - Quality Control
QSC - Quality, Service, Cleanliness (Ray Kroc's motto for McDonald's)
REI - Recreational Equipment, Inc
RFP - Request for Proposal
SBC - Southwestern Bell Corporation
SBI - Site Build It! (software for building web sites)
SFI - Six-Figure Income
SKU - Stock Keeping Unit
SM - Service Mark
SOHO - Small Office, Home Office
SOS - Switched On Schoolhouse
SYSTEM - Save YourSelf Time, Engergy, and Money (as reported by
TCBY - The Country's Best Yogurt (originally This Can't Be Yogurt)
TM - Trademark
TSR - Tactical Studies Rules (company that produces Dungeons & Dragons)
UMB - United Missouri Bank
UPS - United Parcel Service
USAA - United Services Automobile Association

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