VBA Excel - Trabalhando com Cabeçalho e Rodapé - Work with Header and Footer Properties Using Excel.PagesAndPage

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Este exemplo mostra como usar o cabeçalho e rodapé propriedades do objeto Pages no Microsoft Excel.

Em uma nova planilha, copie todo o código do módulo da pasta Sheet1. 

Coloque o cursor no procedimento WorkWithPages e pressione F8 para iniciar a depuração.

Organize as janelas do VBA e Excel lado a lado para que possa ver os resultados da execução do código.

Sub WorkWithPages() 
    ' Fill random data: 
    Range("A1", "R100").Formula = "=RANDBETWEEN(1, 100)" 
    Dim pgs As Pages 
    Set pgs = PageSetup.Pages 
    PageSetup.DifferentFirstPageHeaderFooter = True 
    ' Look in the Immediate window for this output: 
    Debug.Print "The current sheet can be printed on " & _ 
     pgs.Count & " page(s)." 
    Dim pg As Page 
    Set pg = pgs(1) 
    pg.CenterHeader.Text = "This is the first page's header" 
    Set pg = pgs(2) 
    pg.CenterFooter.Text = "This is the second page's footer" 
    Set pg = pgs(pgs.Count) 
    pg.CenterFooter.Text = "This is the last page's center footer." 
    pg.LeftHeader.Text = "This is the last page's header" 
    ' Note that Excel supports only distinct headers/footers 
    ' for the first page, so headers and footers on the second 
    ' and other pages are combined--the last value set overwrites 
    ' the header/footer. 
    ' See the values in the Immediate window. 
    ' Note that the code disregards errors that occur--attempting 
    ' to retrieve a header/footer setting that doesn't exist raises an error: 
    On Error Resume Next 
    Debug.Print "First page (CenterHeader) : " & pgs(1).CenterHeader.Text 
    Debug.Print "Second page (CenterHeader): " & pgs(2).CenterHeader.Text 
    Debug.Print "Second page (CenterFooter): " & pgs(2).CenterFooter.Text 
    Debug.Print "Third page (CenterFooter) : " & pgs(3).CenterFooter.Text 
    Debug.Print "Last page (LeftHeader)    : " & pgs(pgs.Count).LeftHeader.Text 
    Debug.Print "Last page (CenterFooter)  : " & pgs(pgs.Count).CenterFooter.Text 
    ' In conclusion, use the Page class to retrieve information about headers 
    ' and footers for specific pages. Use the PageSetup object to set the headers 
    ' and footers, as it's clearer to set them there. 
End Sub

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